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Mechanism of action

We perceive pain through different sensory pathways. Some pathways or fibers conduct impulses at a slow pace while some conduct at high speeds. Apart from that Sympathetic nervous system plays a significant role in producing chronic pain.

Conventional electrotherapy machines like TENS and Interferential therapy works from 2 to 4000 Hz frequencies. Most of these machines work at the frequency we set and re-application is required to change it.

Here we use a very sophisticated and advanced machine that produces currents at frequencies from 1 to 20000Hz.

Within a single program, currents at different frequencies are applied which enable us to block most of the pain pathways including Sympathetic nervous system.

This is a new technology in Pain Medicine and there are only few machines in the world.

This system is used in major pain clinics of Mayo, Cleveland and Bethesda Naval hospitals, USA.

This machine also can be used to relieve pain from surgeries to Cancer

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