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Disc Decompression Device


IDD Therapy or Inter-vertebral Differential Dynamic Therapy is the latest advancement over the traditional traction. It produces an inter-vertebral Disc Distraction or decompression. The basic difference between a conventional Lumbar traction and differential distraction is that here we can isolate the vertebral level like L1-2, L2-3, L3-4 etc.

Clinical and radiological evaluation helps in determining the level of Disc or vertebra affected. Depending on the level, pulling angle is programmed. Computer aided Dynamic and rhythmic distraction results in a drop of intra-discal pressure at the desired level. 3 to 7 mm distraction can be achieved.

The distraction and drop in pressure slowly relieves the pressure on the exiting nerve roots. Also negative pressure promotes diffusion of water, oxygen and nutrients into the disc and surrounding area creating a favorable milieu for repair and pain relief. Another advantage is that lesser force is needed compared to conventional traction.

This FDA approved machine is manufactured at Atlanta, USA and there are more than 1000 centers in Canada and the US.

It is powered with Pentium processor by SONI VAIO and has a built in 17 inch screen for DVD which makes the patient comfortable while on treatment

Duration of treatment is about 30 minutes

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