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All patients are evaluated in detail by a consultant in Physical Medicine who is specialized in conservative management of acute and chronic Back Pain. He is also well trained abroad in the use of all the machines used. (See the profile of Dr.Sasikumar) Patients can send their reports in WhatsApp no 9447001898 or 9048178888 to check, whether they can be treated at the centre. Apart from detailed clinical examination, Plain X-Rays and MRI of spine are required to determine the exact level of Disc prolapse. A few blood tests are done to exclude Infective, Inflammatory, Arthritic and Co-morbid conditions. (Patients who have already done MRI may not require new one). After proper evaluation, an individual program is set for each patient that consists of Treatment protocol, Duration, Medications, Diet and Exercise. Day to day progress is assessed till the treatment is completed. Depending on the severity, 10 days or 15 days In-patient treatment is recommended. Two sessions are given daily. Each session lasts 2 to 3 hours.

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